Car Hire for Ashtavinayak from Pune

Each one of us knows that Maharashtra is culturally very rich. It is flourished with various temples and devotees of Ganpati. Lord Ganpati is one of the supreme deities, worshipped in India. From Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai to Ashtavinayak temple in Pune, Maharashtra is full of pilgrims and temples.

If you are a reverent of Lord Ganpati then a visit to the Ashtavinayak temple is a must. It is located in the Ahmednagar and Raigad districts of Maharashtra, at a distance of about 147 kms from Pune. Even the people who are atheists will fall for this mystical temple. But travelling to a far distance is not easy at it may look. Hiring a car is the best option to reach there comfortably and easily. PuneTours provides the best car hire service for you to travel to all the places and pilgrims located in Maharashtra.

Know more about Ashtavinayak Temple:

There are total of eight temples of Ganpati and hence the name Ashtavinayak that means “eight ganeshas”. Each of the temples is distinct from each other and has their own story and history behind it. The murtis or the idols in these temples were not made by any human being rather they were naturally formed and that is why they are known as “swayambhu”, meaning erected directly from earth. It is said that one should visit and worship all these temples together in a particular order. Know more in detail about these temples in the same order in which they are worshipped.

  1. Moreshwar Temple, Morgaon: This is said to be the first temple to be worshipped during your ‘yatra’. Built from black stone and surrounded by huge walls, it gives a look of mosque in order to prevent it from the Mughal attacks back then.
  2. Siddhivinayak Temple,Siddhatek: It is said that this temple was built by Lord Vishnu when Lord Ganesha came to meet him. It stands erect at the side of the Bhima river which does not makes any sound while flowing.
  3. Ballaleshwar Temple, PaliBallal, a bhramin boy pleased lord ganesha and on being told to make a wish, he asked God to reside in his region. And since then the idol is called Ballaleshwar Vinayak.
  4. Varadavinayak Temple, Mahad: It is located in the town of Ozhar, at Pune-Nashik highway. Situated on the banks of river kukadi, this temple is fortified with thick and huge walls.
  5. Chintamani Temple, TheurGanesha rescued a precious jewel from a greedy demon for sage Kapila, who then put the jewel in Ganesha’s neck and hence the name.
  6. Girijatmaj Temple, LenyadriThis temple is surrounded by 18 caves and stands in the eight cave also known as Ganesh leni. It is embedded in a single stone having 307 steps and is 53 feet long.
  7. Vighneshwar Temple, OzarA demon Vighnasur was destroying the prayers, vedic and all the religious acts. To protect the people from his evil deeds, ganesh defeated him and hence the name Vighneshwar.
  8. Mahaganapati Temple, RanjangaonThe temple is built because Lord Shiva came here to worship Ganesha before fighting with demon Tripurasura. Love and faith of father and son can be seen in this temple.

Hire car with PuneTours :

To visit to these eight legendary temples, PuneTours is there at your service. Hire cars with us for more comfortable and relaxed journey as we have a range of cars in our fleets. With smooth suspension and enough leg space and hand room, you will reach at your destination stress-free. You will be assisted by our friendly and well-knowledgeable drivers on your trip. All our cars are GPS built so as to track you in case of any emergencies. Complete your devotion towards Ganpati by visiting the famous Ashtavinayak temple by riding with us. For more details contact us, we are always there
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