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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Bus for the Weekend

A lot of planning goes into going on a weekend trip. Right from scheduling a plan to gathering everyone together, group trips require a lot of work and engagements, in order to make sure everyone gets the most out of the journey.

 Do you usually find yourself having to separate your group into different vehicles, which eventually leads to a lot of confusion?  Moreover, it can be quite annoying when everyone arrives at different times making the ones who left first having to wait for the others along the way. Are you concerned about the mess that this creates?

bus hire in Pune is the best solution for your next weekend getaway.  Your group can concentrate on spending more time with each other and doing more fun-filled activities, without stressing about traffic, navigation, and parking.

Why plan your weekend trip with us? Keep reading to know the most seamless hiring process possible.

Why hire bus services?

Kesarinandan Travels provides the best bus rental services in Pune. We work within your budget to find the perfect bus for your special occasion. Our reservation specialist will go through your trip carefully and accommodate you with the best bus for your group. Whether your group has 10 people or 50+, we have various options for you. All you have to do is confirm your group size and specific needs.

Mini bus rental in Pune is the best option for small group sizes, and travelling short distances around Pune.  You can hire it for corporate events, weddings, school field trips, airport pickup from Pune. Mini buses are spacious and hold up to 18 passengers all the way to 30 passengers. Minibus rentals can come with amenities like reclining seats, TVs monitors, and more to make the ride enjoyable.

Renting a bus in Pune is better for larger groups and traveling long distances. A bus has more coaches and is convenient for a distant journey. They come in various sizes, holding up to 45 passengers, comfortably. There is plenty of space for storage, with a compartment below, as well as above the seats. We offer various options for buses, right from a/c to non- a/c coaches too. Our buses also offer amenities such as reclining seats, TVs monitors, well-maintained and clean coaches and so much more.

Hence, once we know your requirement we can serve you in a better way.

 Book Your Next Bus Trip with us

Each trip is unique in its own way- but the only element that is common is reliable and efficient transportation. Kesarinandan Travels has a good experience, as, over the years, we have dealt with several groups, giving us the experience to help you plan the most successful weekend trip with your group.

Here is how you can book your next bus trip with us.

  • To make booking a lot easier for you, we have launched online cab booking hassle free, you need to visit our site
  • We are open 24*7 so you can directly contact us on +91 9689 0033 93

Hope to serve you soon.

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