Finding a great deal on car rentals is a whole different game than seeking cheap airfares or low room rates. Renting a car, however, should never cost you an arm and a leg. As car-rental season begins the prices are expected to go up especially starting from August till December. Don’t opt for big brands as the prices will be a bit higher, look beyond that and select reasonable car rental providers because of lower operating costs and they can be easily booked through online.

These are some of the several tips and tricks on how to get the best price at rental agencies. Here’s a round up of 6 ways to save money on car rentals.

  • Rent outside the airport

In case you’re flying in, the most easiest place to rent a car is at the air terminal, yet you know that you’re likely paying 10 or 30 percent more for the comfort. Airport car rental kiosks often charge a airport concession fee, so it could be worth your while to take a taxi or opt for public travel into town and then opt for a rental car from that point.

  • Check the rate directly on the car rental agency site

While third-party travel websites can offer great rates, sometimes the best price is found directly on the car company site.

You may even find a coupon or exclusive online discount when you book directly on the car company site, so it’s worth your while to look.

  • Pick-up and drop off your car at the same facility

A brisk inquiry will demonstrate that renting your car from one point and dropping it off at another will cost you a heavy sum.

You can stay away from these additional drop off expenses by picking and dropping off your car at a similar facility location.

  • Know what’s included in your rental fee

Taxes and hidden fees can add up fast, so comprehend what you’re paying for in your rental agreement. Sometimes the rental agency try to fool customers by charging higher rates by including unwanted things which tend to hinder the rates.

  • Negotiate

Even after you’ve booked the best possible rate, it can be worth swinging by the rental counter to see if you can finagle your way into a better car. Some companies are happy to put you in a bigger, or less popular, vehicle for the cost of a compact. Beware from them and try to negotiate as much as you can.

  • Always inspect for damages

Most people are in a rush to leave once they receive their car, however if you take a minute to inspect for damages, this may protect you against false claims later.

In addition to noting any damages on the car rental slip, always use the video feature on your phone or camera and take a quick walk around the car.

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