Joy of Travel

Travel…. What is the first thing comes in our mind when we heard the word “Travel” ??? Joy, Fun, New Things, Adventure… Isn’t it exciting !!! In today’s life everyone’s schedule is too much busy , so we should travel different places to give our regular life a break.

Everyone like to travel but because of hectic and pack working schedule we can,t not take a break from it. Indirectly Traveling is good for our health too because it refreshes our mind and heart. We travel to explore. To feel some change from our society, culture, food, day to day life, to meet new people, to get knowledge of different places,their historical importance, their customs, etc. Also during traveling we can make more new lifetime friends.

Travel teaches us many things like team management, planning and the important thing which travel teaches us is it makes us feel our historical background. And some people like adventure they can travel to various forts, also for tracking

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